Arlene Miller Creative Writing

Arlene Miller was born in rural Virginia on August 24, 1924. While she grew up very poor & in a segregated society, Arlene was rich in her belief that great wealth came from the flow of ideas from all kinds of people. She fostered creative expression in her children, encouraging their imaginations & love of books & music. In addition, she knew that, sadly, America was a society that practiced self-segregation. You see it in some churches. You see it in some neighborhoods. She believed that there should never be any discomfort in associating with people who look different from you; compassion, respect and talent must always be colorblind.

These were the lessons that she taught her children. I grew up as a passionate lover of books & music. I grew up respecting the historical & present day struggles of racial & ethnic minorities, yet actively seeking out & wanting to embrace different cultures. We are all ignorant about the unfamiliar. But with the information at our disposal, there is absolutely no excuse for staying ignorant.

This blog, Arlene Miller Creative Writing, was started to support & recognize authors & musicians. It will feature fiction, music, poetry, stories as well as blog tours & interviews with authors & musicians. Because indie authors & musicians aren’t afforded the promotion of traditional publishing houses & record labels. Arlene Miller Creative Writing has as one of its missions to promote talented indie authors & musicians.

Finally, Arlene Miller Creative Writing will be looking at promoting young writers and musicians.


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