Author Profile on Kendra L. Saunders. @kendrybird #DatingAnAlienPopStar #EngagedToAnAlienPopStar

Author Profile on Kendra L. Saunders. @kendrybird #DatingAnAlienPopStar #EngagedToAnAlienPopStar
The goal of Arlene Miller Creative Writing is to recognize & support various forms of creative expression. To achieve that goal, this blog will profile actors, artists, authors and musicians with articles acknowledging their work.

Today, I would like to spotlight Kendra L. Saunders. Saunders is the talent behind the imaginative wonder Dating An Alien Pop Star and its sequel, Engaged To An Alien Pop Star. In Saunders’ books, readers explore themes of family, friendship and love; the added wrinkle is that Saunders mixes in romance and sci fiction elements to the absolute delight of readers. An alien prince from another planet named Griffin can journey to Earth, specifically New York City, that city that “never sleeps” and discover love with a quirky music aficionado named Daisy.

Even if Saunders’ books appear more youth-centric, I assure you that her skill at writing emotion, fraught with humor and tears, will grip the hearts of all readers.

Recently, Dating An Alien Pop Star was turned into an audio book.
Why you should read  Kendra L. Saunders’ book “Dating An Alien Pop Star”

A few months ago, I wrote a blog piece titled “Confessions of A Book Reviewer” in which I highlighted my life long love for books and the reasons why I am grateful that I am a book reviewer. As a contributing writer for The Nerdy Girl Express, I am fortunate to read and review countless fictional treasures. I am extremely grateful for my job.

I am also grateful for friends who recommend wonderful books for me to read and review. I recently had the pleasure of reviewing Dating An Alien Pop Star by Kendra L. Saunders for The Nerdy Girl Express. This marvelous book was a friend’s recommendation. Otherwise I might have missed out on it.

I wanted to write another blog piece about this book because I feel strongly that it is a book that others would enjoy reading.

Dating An Alien Pop Star is a buffet of excellence. The reader will feast on quality writing where masterful character development is coupled with engaging plot. Daisy Kirkwood is a small town girl who hungers for the excitement of the musical scene. New York is on the pulse of musical energy. For the city that never sleeps, music is a welcomed reason for insomnia. Daisy wants to be a part of this scene. Despite her mother’s misgivings, she leaves the comfort of her small town life for the unforgiving uncertainty of a big city. A thankless job with a maniacal employer is not the most pleasant way to pave one’s dreams. However, things change for Daisy when she is abducted on the streets of New York by Griffin Valentino and Devon London, strangers from another planet. What follows is a suspenseful, romantic and humorous flight of creative splendor via the pages of a wonderful book.

What Saunders does is impressive. She succeeds in balancing the stories of all her core characters. Her writing style is both fresh and inviting. Her characters are accessible because we’re able to understand their strengths and flaws. Sure Griffin and Devon are aliens. Yet, there is nothing alien about friendship, loyalty or romance. These are real concepts that are universally understood regardless of your native planet.

Against the backdrop of political machinations, the reader witnesses the special bond between Daisy and Griffin as well as the bond between Griffin and Devon. Even when things seem impossible there is a positive message of hope and of the resiliency of the human spirit that permeates throughout the pages of Saunders’ exquisite work.  I feel that such a message is something for which the reader will appreciate.

I highly recommend Dating An Alien Pop Star.

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