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Indie musician profile on Nicki Aycox. @RealNickiAycox #RedVelvetRoom #Supernatural #MisunderstoodMeriJane

Indie musician profile on Nicki Aycox. @RealNickiAycox #RedVelvetRoom #Supernatural #MisunderstoodMeriJane

I founded Arlene Miller Creative Writing in memory of my mother Arlene Miller (August 24,1924-May 10,2005).

The goal of Arlene Miller Creative Writing is to recognize & support all forms of creative expression. To achieve this goal, this blog will profile actors, artists, authors and musicians with articles acknowledging their work.


Nicki Aycox’s musical talent is no longer her secret.

Supernatural fans know Nicki Aycox as the original Meg Masters on The CW’s longest running show. As a college girl possessed by a demon, Aycox gave fans so many memorable and chilling moments. For over twenty years, Aycox has thrilled both film and television audiences with her acting range. She has flawlessly navigated a variety of roles and in the process, secured a legion of fans through her mesmerizing performances.

In August, 2015, the Oklahoma native assumed a new role that has proven to be tailored made for her as a singer/songwriter with the release of her debut EP Red Velvet Room.

Red Velvet Room is a lyrical and instrumental marvel. With each track, Aycox’s vocal ability rises to the challenge. The result: A poignant gift to listeners who aren’t afraid to walk the path of nostalgia and relive both joyous and bittersweet memories.

Johnny is a beautiful dichotomy. The song is smooth and Aycox’s vocals are confident yet determined. In addition, there is a certain mystique to this song, perhaps giving the listener permission to revisit the past and quiet those feelings of longing.

My Secret is a stirring treasure with a powerful message. Once again, Aycox reveals an emotional strength. What is it about the secrets in our life that we resolve to keep hidden from public commentary? Is this fear rooted in our distrust of ourselves or others? My Secret is cautious and vulnerable, yet open to possibilities. Like watching a bird soar purposefully and free in the sky, My Secret leaves behind no doubt, no regret.

Charcoal Rain and Old Man Joe’s Lullaby all enrich the musical narrative of this memorable debut effort.

With its raw, authentic, and eclectic flavor, Nicki Aycox has graciously invited all listeners to leave their hearts in her Red Velvet Room.

Also no secret is the fact that Nicki Aycox is an inspirational lady. Rather than squander the blessings of fame, she embraces her celebrity for what it enables her to do for others. Nicki is a compassionate and kind presence on social media. She consistently interacts with her fans. She encourages fans in the pursuit of our dreams.

Recently, Aycox has undertaken a project close to her heart: Educating the public on the responsible use of medicinal marijuana to manage high functioning anxiety and other disorders. In her ongoing podcast series, “Misunderstood Meri Jane”, Aycox reveals her lifelong struggles with high functioning anxiety and sleep disturbance. The podcast is both raw and uncensored. As importantly, Aycox balances her personal experiences with a well researched approach. She invites listeners to investigate the benefits of medicinal marijuana and always reminds people that they must do their own research to determine what is best for them.

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Nicki Aycox’s EP Red Velvet Room is available on Amazon, ITunes & Spotify:

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