Author profile on @jenabooks . #TheGoldenAgeofCharliRSVP #TheGoldenAgeofCharliBMI #TheGoldenAgeofCharliGPS

Author profile on Jena C. Henry. @jenabooks #TheGoldenAgeofCharliRSVP #TheGoldenAgeofCharliBMI #TheGoldenAgeofCharliGPS

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Why you should read Jena C. Henry’s books

The writing community has become a glorious circle for exploring and honoring creativity. As a book reviewer for The Nerdy Girl Express, I continue to be immensely grateful for the privilege of reviewing books. The feeling that consumes me is reminiscent of the excitement that I felt when I wrote my very first book report in 1975. My ten year old (and somewhat weird) self thought that my peers would be intrigued with my book report on “Everyday Law Made Simple” that I wrote and subsequently presented orally for the class. But they weren’t intrigued; boredom was the overall sentiment.
Fortunately, my reading choices have improved over the last four decades. I review a multitude of genres. One book series that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing is The Golden Age of Charli trilogy by Jena C. Henry. The Charli framing this tale is Charlotte McAntic, a woman who approaches her golden years fueled with endless optimism. She is proud of her children, her home, family and friends. In addition, Charli expects that she and her now retired husband Pud will enjoy a closer relationship. However, the promised close relationship is tested by Pud’s daily passion for golf.

Charli is a strong woman. Does her non confrontational personality hinder her in engaging in an honest discussion with Pud about how his golfing obsession is interfering with their relationship? Perhaps. Jena C. Henry is a caring and clever writer because Pud doesn’t emerge as the villain in this matrimonial tale. There is a sense that he is genuinely unaware that his overwhelming desire to golf bothers his wife so much.

Enter Operation RSVP, a project formulated by the McAntics as a means of connecting and supporting the younger generation of relatives. I really enjoyed this aspect of the book because Henry succeeded in introducing many characters into her fictional landscape. These characters were fully fleshed out with distinct personalities. Of particular note for me was Charli’s son August whose computer acumen advances another plot point between the past, present and future. Self-discovery and family are prevailing themes. What makes this book a treasure is that Charli’s story can easily be the reader’s story. Change, the fear of the passage of time with all of the unknowns, is daunting. Sometimes, the answers to the most probing questions can be found in our family history. It is then the people and the stories from our past inspire us towards hope for the future.

The Golden Age of Charli: RSVP is followed by The Golden Age of Charli: BMI and The Golden Age of Charli: GPS. Together these three books paint a story of one woman’s path at reinventing herself all the while “pressing on” from life’s challenges and using gratitude as her mantra.


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