Lessons that I learned from my mother: Why Arlene Miller Creative Writing is so important to me


Lessons that I learned from my mother: Why Arlene Miller Creative Writing is so important to me

I had a dream about my mother. Some of you know how I feel about these visitation dreams. My mother passed away on Tuesday, May 10, 2005, yet she comes to me at least twice a week in my dreams. I wake up the next morning after her visits feeling wonderful; seeing her again sets the tone for my day.

I learned so many lessons from my mother. One of the most important lessons was to find your passion in life and to shape that passion for the betterment of yourself and hopefully, others.

Writing poetry has been my lifelong passion. My youthful infatuation with the beauty of words has blossomed into a mature recognition of the power of words. Long after the Earth reclaims our bodies, a part of our legacies will be the way we chose to express ourselves.

Social media can be a friend or foe. Unfortunately, the words uttered in anger or frustration tend to endure. Is there a remedy for that? Maybe not. Yet, there are other words that endure: the words born from creativity.

That is the reason why I established Arlene Miller Creative Writing. I wanted a vehicle with my mother’s name that would be a voice of recognition and support for artists, authors and musicians (particular the unsung indie creative types). My mother would have disliked social media intensely. Knowing her as I did, she would have been disheartened by the penchant for negativity. It would have taken some serious persuasion from me to convince her that one can carve a positive niche for oneself within social media, despite the cesspool.

My niche is in writing and the promotion of creative artistry. At some point, my goal is to combine my writing and motivational speaking background to excite high school and college students to explore their Muse. I believe that there is always a burgeoning artist, author of musician out there who is pursuing a talent in solitude. I plan to help such a creative pupil succeed and to share his or her talent with society.


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