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#amwriting #poetry If you’re hurting, find a poem for your heart by Tracy Diane Miller


There are countless people who are alone & hurting today. I don’t know them all by name, but I wrote this poem for them:


#amwriting #poetry If you’re hurting, find a poem for your heart by Tracy Diane Miller
As others move throughout their day,
Celebrating with family, friends and smiles,
Your heart is heavy with sorrow,
A pain that has consumed you for quite awhile.

You can’t laugh or feel joy,
When loss weighs on your mind,
You are a hostage to each passing day,
Will hope ever become yours to find?

A poet can’t solve the ills of the world,
But you know what she can do?
She can pour her heart into verse,
To let you know that she is thinking of you.

And so on this day,
This poem is what came,
If you’re hurting, find a poem for your heart,
Even if I don’t know you all by name.

I’m that poet, who sees those in pain,
And when others turn away,
You can find me calling upon my Muse,
To write you a poem on this day.

I’m that poet, who continues to mourn her mother,
And when others have loved ones who they also grieve,
I understand and want to offer some comfort for your pain,
With a poem my soul has purposely conceived.

I’m that poet, who continues to feel,
And who knows that silence doesn’t mean that you’re weak,
If you’re alone, let me write a poem for you,
As my heart is never afraid to speak.

I’m that poet, who has lived her life,
Never wanting to become a part of a crowd,
I want to accept the uniqueness of the individual,
That’s why I write poetry, to give the gift of comfort I have vowed.

I’m that poet, yes I hurt,
But maybe that’s a good thing,
For when others willingly look away from suffering,
Compassion through poetry is what I always desire to bring.

If today you’re mourning:

A child,

A parent,

A spouse,

A friend,

A pet,

And through tears, you have no idea what to do,
If you’re hurting, find this poem for your heart,
For I’m that poet who is thinking of you.


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