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Profile on Actress Rachel Miner. @RachelMiner1 #AKF #Supernatural

My name is Tracy Miller. I founded Arlene Miller Creative Writing in memory of my mother, Arlene Miller (August 24, 1924-May 10, 2005) to recognize & support creative artistry. To achieve this goal, Arlene Miller Creative Writing has been profiling actors, artists, authors and musicians with articles showcasing their work.

Rachel Miner can claim the kind of longevity in the entertainment industry that few performers can boast: for decades, she has captivated audiences while remaining authentic to herself and retaining her voice. Despite all of the characters the actress has portrayed in her illustrious career, at the end of the day, she is unapologetically Rachel: courageous and creative, remembering her own road so far while still giving the best even when life’s challenges take her off course.

I first saw Rachel on screen in the 1990s as the young Michelle Bauer on the daytime drama “Guiding Light.” Even at that age, she more than held her own against seasoned actors. Youth wasn’t her albatross; rather, Rachel negotiated the demands of a complex character and weighty material with believability and conviction. Michelle Bauer often had alot on her plate emotionally and Rachel honored the character by letting the audience get to know her and want to champion her success.

After Miner departed Guiding Light, she added to her resume with memorable roles in both film and television. In 2009, Miner landed on The CW on the long running show Supernatural. Miner portrayed Meg Masters, a college student possessed by a demon. This recurring role was originated by actress and musician Nicki Aycox in 2005. In typical Rachel Miner fashion she was undaunted to assume a character from another performer who had achieved viewer allegiance and critical acclaim. Miner had the talent and insight to know that her Meg needn’t be a carbon copy of Aycox’s interpretation. She brought additional layers to the character and soon, both viewers and critics took notice of her work. As a result, Rachel Miner amassed a substantial fan base.

Miner portrayed Meg Masters from 2009 through 2013. Her Meg was a Lucifer loyalist whose “Sympathy for The Devil” was unquestioned. Supernatural fans never “Abandon All Hope” with Miner at the wheel. There was even an angel/demon dalliance between Meg and the angelic (and Winchester ally) Castiel (Misha Collins). Miner and Collins’ onscreen chemistry was undeniable with some fans lovingly referring to their pairing as “Megstiel.” Alas, Meg met her demise at the hands of King of Hell Crowley (Mark Sheppard) in the Season 8 episode “Goodbye, Stranger.”

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Rachel Miner as Michelle Bauer in “Guiding Light”

Rachel Miner as Meg Masters in “Supernatural”


In recent years, Rachel Miner has been very open about her health struggles revealing to fans that she is battling multiple sclerosis. Still, she combines compassion with her fighting spirit. On social media and in her appearances at Supernatural conventions, Miner inspires community, positivity and a sense of self. The world may be in one of its most trying times currently, but Rachel Miner refuses to give up and, in turn, she inspires us not to give up on ourselves because we can and will do better.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Rachel Miner for The Nerdy Girl Express in 2016. In addition, I’ve written numerous poems for her. I continue to be inspired by how Rachel lives her life with compassion and grace. Rachel Miner is that gift of which I speak as I wrote in this poem for her:

You are a gift, a poem for Rachel Miner by Tracy Diane Miller

You are a gift.
Your life is a gift.
Even as Fate wrote your days,
Even as your body does betray,
You look beyond your pain,
And offer inspiration so all might gain.

You are a gift.
Your life is a gift.
Even as Fate wrote an uncertain future for you,
Compassion overflows within your heart,
Telling you there is still so much for you to do,.

You are a gift.
Your life is a gift.
Even as the world feeds on anger,
Even as political ideologies divide,
You care for the well being of others,
Your concern you do not hide.

You are a gift.
Your life is a gift.
Even as you look at your road so far,
Even as you reflect on the characters you portray,
The real you,
Authentic in a world of make believe,
Always shines through.

You are a gift.
Your life is a gift.
Even as you remember the Rachel you used to be,
Even as you generously allow others to know you and the real Rachel to see,
You never stop caring,
You never stop learning,
And what you continue to teach,
Is that the beauty inherent within humanity,
Is still within reach.

For Rachel Miner, whose earliest influence was a BBC production of Alice in Wonderland, falling down that rabbit hole of life, with all its craziness, is not an excuse to abandon your courage.


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Interview with actress @RachelMiner1 via @tdmiller820917

@RealNickiAycox @RachelMiner1 A Tale of Two Megs via @tdmiller820917


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