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Do you have a book in you? Award-winning author Traci Sanders gives tips to help you find out!

I founded Arlene Miller Creative Writing in memory of my mother, Arlene Miller (August 24, 1924- May 10, 2005) to recognize & support all forms of creative expression.

Arlene Miller Creative Writing is pleased to host award-winning author Traci Sanders today.


Traci Sanders is a multi-genre, multi-award-winning author of ten published titles, with contributions to three anthologies. An avid blogger and supporter of Indie authors, she writes parenting, children’s, romance, and nonfiction guides.

Her ultimate goal is to provide great stories and quality content for dedicated readers, whether through her own writing or editing works by other authors.

Do you have a book inside of you? Award-winning Traci Sanders gives first-time authors invaluable tips

For first-time authors, the challenge is discovering what kind of book you want to write. Life experiences often provide  unexplored possibilities for creativity. Fiction can be rooted in realism; the people who have helped shape our personal narratives can inform our literary narratives as well. Likewise, the source of a nonfiction book may trace its foundation in those questions that we have pondered, wanted to research and applied instances from our lives to flesh out.

In that 1939 classic “The Wizard of Oz,” our heroine Dorothy Gale wanted to find her way home back to Kansas after a tornado transported her to the magical world of Oz. The “great and powerful Wizard of Oz” himself was considered the means to get the farm girl back home. But how to find the elusive man? According to the Good Witch Glinda, “it’s always best to start at the beginning.”

The same is true for the aspiring writer searching for the subject matter for that first book. Traci Sanders gives this crucial tip:

TIP 335: Do you have a book in you?

“This tip, and many others on authorhood, can be found in Living The Write Life: Tips on making the most of your writing skills, now available in digital and paperback format.

This tip is for all the aspiring authors out there—those who haven’t written their first book.

How long have you dreamed of becoming an author? Since you were old enough to write? Or did you just recently discover your love of the written word? Perhaps you’ve never put much thought into it but have been told by others that you should write a book. Whatever the case, however you reached the point of considering writing that first piece, you need to simply get the words out of your head and down on paper.

I firmly believe that anyone can write, but not everyone can write well. That’s okay. That’s what editors are for. Only YOU have lived your life and had those experiences, so only YOU can tell your stories.

Here are some ideas for books YOU could write:

•         Are you a teacher? Write books that are targeted to the age group you teach (picture books, middle-grade fiction, YA novels). Who better than YOU—the one who knows these kids better than most of their parents.

•         Are you a stay-home mom or dad? Write a book about how to organize a home, manage an activities schedule with kids, or how to teach kids their basic concepts (colors, shapes, letters, etc.). You don’t need a college degree to do this. Offer a recipe book filled with kid-friendly snacks and meals. Write a book about how to stay on a budget while feeding a family with only one income.

•         Are you a doctor? Write a book about the journey of a medical student from classroom to operating table. Or write a book about your top twenty surgeries. Are you a lawyer? Write a legal thriller.

•         Are you a waitress? Write a thriller about a waitress who is stalked by a regular customer. Or write a story about a waitress who worked her way up to owning her own restaurant.

•         Are you in the military? Who better than to write a military thriller, or an autobiography about life behind enemy lines?

•         Are you a musician? Write an autobiography about life on the road as a performer, or write a general-fiction story about a musician who gets a big break on Broadway or performing at Carnegie hall.

•         Are you a world traveler? You have tons of amazing stories to tell. A non-fiction book The World Through My Eyes or something like that would be great. Pictures would be helpful in a book of this nature.

•         Are you a scientist? Write a sci-fi story or a medical thriller.

•         Are you a farmer? Who would be able to write a better book than you on how to grow tasty produce, when to plant the seeds, or how much to water a garden?

•         Are you a pilot or flight attendant? My, the people you’ve met along the way, and the places you’ve visited. You’ve probably even had a few scares in your career.

•         Have you ever: had a baby, been married or divorced, learned a new skill, had a frightening experience, accomplished a goal or overcome a fear, traveled to a new place, gotten an exciting job, gone to the circus, gone to a fair, worked in a hospital?

If you’ve lived, you’ve had experiences that you can write about. So, whether you’ve been agonizing about writing a book, you’ve been told by others that you should write one, or it’s something that never crossed your mind until now, give it a try. Get the words down on paper. You never know who needs your book, whose life can be changed by your words.”

Sanders adds, “I personally have always been a writer, from the young age of ten. I had my first poem published in a local newspaper and became addicted to the power of my words. Though I’ve always written songs, poems, and short pieces, I didn’t publish my first book until four years ago. But I haven’t looked back since.”

Arlene Miller Creative Writing is fortunate to have an author of Traci Sanders’ caliber share her knowledge in helping others uncover the book possibilities within them.

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  1. Hmm… my comment didn’t post earlier. Sorry about that!

    I just wanted to say thank you, Tracy, for featuring me here today. I’m still around if any of your readers have questions. 🙂 I’m happy to oblige.


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