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#amwriting #poetry Kathleen Canaley became an angel, a poem for @MikeJMele by Tracy Diane Miller

My name is Tracy Miller. I founded Arlene Miller Creative Writing in memory of my mother Arlene Miller (August 24, 1924-May 10, 2005) to recognize & support all creative expression.

On June 4, 2017, Kathleen Canaley passed away from lung cancer.

I didn’t know Kathleen, but I know all too well the pain of losing a mother, the emptiness it produces.

I certainly don’t expect poetry to heal that pain. But what I have discovered in my 44 years writing poetry is that these words emanating from my heart, crafted especially for someone who is in pain, is my tangible gift of caring. Poetry is my voice.

I’m thinking of you today, Mike.

#amwriting #poetry Kathleen Canaley became an angel, a poem for @MikeJMele by Tracy Diane Miller

The sun and the moon kept a record,
As I soldiered through the haze,
A timetable of my grief,
The sorrow of these past seven days.

Seven days ago, my mother Kathleen became an angel,
In Heaven she now resides,
And sorrow became my companion,
In my soul, it doesn’t hide.

My mother Kathleen became an angel,
That day my heart wept,
Yet, my promise to think of her, to honor her and to love her,
Is a promise that I have kept.

Even in Heaven,
Where time stands still,
I’m awash in my mother’s love,
I know that her love cleanses me as it always will.

I will fight all that is unkind,
I will fight the heartache of those who betray,
Because in the anger,
My mother Kathleen would say;

Starve the hatred,
Feast on the love,
Feel my presence,
From Heaven above.

Kathleen fought the battle that is cancer,
And for those who think that it was a battle she lost,
They undermine a mother’s love,
Always present at any cost.

Kathleen lives on,
In the heart of her son,
To light the path of his grief,
In the days that have begun.

Each breath he takes,
Through his ordeal,
Kathleen gives him strength,
Along his course to heal.


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