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#amwriting #poetry I wish that I could be that whisper of hope in your heart, a poem for @LisaNEdwards by Tracy Diane Miller

My name is Tracy Miller. I founded Arlene Miller Creative Writing in memory of my mother Arlene Miller (August 24, 1924-May 10, 2005) to recognize & support all forms of creative expression.

I first became aware of the tremendous writing talent of author Lisa N. Edwards in August, 2015. Edwards wrote an insightful & emotionally charged trilogy “Can’t Fight Fate.” “Can’t Fight Fate”, as well as its siblings “Chasing Butterflies” & “Seed of the Sunflower” address the role that fate has in sculpting the course of our lives. What I love about Edwards’ writing is that her premise in the power that fate wields over us doesn’t mean that we become hostages to our destinies. We grow through tragedy. We grow through heartache. We grow through doubt. Yet, I suspect that in all of us (because we suffer from human frailties), we sometimes abandon the courage that lives within us.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Lisa N. Edwards books:


In addition, Edwards is an award-winning screenwriter of “Blink” (a script she co-wrote with Sonita Singh). Recently, “Blink” was a finalist in the Auckland International Film Festival. It is a riveting story examining choice, fear, love and survival. “Blink” reminds us that while we all come from different experiences, we are connected in the language of emotion. It is perhaps easiest to construct a protective wall around our hearts, and maybe even to judge others. The strength, the courage lies in forsaking judgment in favor of compassion.

I’m hoping for the day when “Blink” becomes a film for the world to see.

Alas, the road to realizing one’s creative vision so that it can be viewed universally is often fraught with stumbling blocks. I have faith in Lisa N. Edwards, a writer who consistently exposes her heart through her gift of words.

Lisa, I know that you’re feeling down & discouraged. I wish that I could make things right for you. I’m thinking of you today & always.

I wrote this new poem for you:


I wish that I could be that whisper of hope in your heart, a poem for Lisa N. Edwards by Tracy Diane Miller


Have you ever stopped to consider why
the sun is often silent, yet the clouds through
a voice of thunder decides to roar?

Or, why despair will scream, yet hope watches quietly,
at the challenges life has in store?

Your heart gives birth to characters,
Who charge forward towards their destinies despite their pain,
And readers feel the emotions,
That power becomes ours to gain.


In the Blink that is of strength, and of hope,
and of courage,
As commonplace as our instinct to survive,
A script that speaks that language of humanity, without fear
A message that needs to thrive.

I wish that I could be that whisper of hope in your heart,
To rise above any and all doubt,
To be that messenger of persuasion,
To those naysayers who deny Blink the chance to come out.

Why must others view the truth as a risk?
Why must others fear examining what is real?
Why must we journey in solitude through our sorrow?
When a community of compassion offers the greatest option for us to heal?

I wish that I could be that whisper of hope in your heart
when you think that you will never be heard.
For it is I who cherishes what is vulnerable, what is underappreciated,
For it is I who commits to my soul the beauty of your words.

I wish that I could be that whisper of hope in your heart
to shadow you throughout your day.
For even when you feel weary,
May I allow a poem to carry you, to be that needed voice of hope,
With the emotions it conveys?

I see you.
I hear you.
I think of you.
And I will carry you….

In that Blink that is of strength, and of hope,
and of courage.
It is not silent, it roars.
Compassion should never lurk in the shadows.
Compassion should always have a voice.

For despite an uncertain path,
Compassion is our only true choice.



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